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About Us

Discover the Culinary Magic of Danish Cuisine at Copenhagen Corner

     Copenhagen Corner is a family-owned restaurant located in Orange County, California. We specialize in authentic Danish cuisine, making us the first restaurant of its kind in the area. Our menu is a combination of traditional Danish and  North European dishes and new, innovative flavors, all made with the freshest ingredients.

     We believe in utilizing fresh, locally sourced ingredients and traditional Danish recipes to ensure that our customers get the full experience of Danish cuisine. From our homemade pastries to savory entrees, we strive to make every meal taste like it came straight from Grandma's kitchen.

     We invite you to join us for a delicious meal in a comfortable, homey setting. Visit us today and let us show you the true meaning of Hygge.


please check our menu with pictures and prices by clicking on the page options on the right side top of home page.    

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